Qurate (pronounced "curate") helps you communicate with all of your closest friends across various social networks in one app.


  1. Qurate is your favorites list on steroids
  2. View your important communication across your Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail
  3. Respond to friends on the same medium they chose to message you from one screen
  4. Keep up with up to 30 friends who are on different social networks
  5. Activate the optional language filter to protect if autocorrect tries to use unwanted profanities
  6. Post directly to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously
  7. Activate the "drop hashtag on Facebook" feature when you want your hashtag on Twitter and nowhere else
  8. Use one app to see your communication with those important to you
  9. No more forgetting where your friend sent somethingto you
  10. Automagically merge the contact information of your friends from your contacts, Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail


Qurate is an iPhone application that helps you more easily communicate with each of your 30 closest relationships, no matter what social network they use. There’s three steps to using Qurate: sign-up to the social networks you use, choose the friends that you want to add, and start messaging! Qurate does all the work. It brings together your Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail accounts and reorganizes the communication based on the people you chose. You can respond to your best friend’s @mention on Twitter and your mother’s personal message on Facebook, all from within the same app.


Website http://qurate.net

Facebook http://facebook.com/qurate

Twitter http://twitter.com/qurate




Qurate is a for-people, for-profit company and we’ve pledged to give 50% of our annual net profits to different areas of Compassion Services International based on where our users choose.