Charitable Remainder Trust

If you have assets you would like to leave to charity but you need to retain the income they produce for your lifetimeyou may want to consider the many benefits of the Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT).

A CRT is funded by a transfer of cash or appreciated assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other appreciated property to an irrevocable trust, which then provides current payments to one or more individuals, followed by a distribution to a charitable beneficiary at the end of the trust period.  The trust can be established so that payments will be received for life or for a set number of years...more

The amount of your income payments can be a percentage of the initial value of the trust or a percentage of the value of the trust as of the beginning of each year.  The first is a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust and the second is a Charitable Remainder Unitrust.

A federal tax deduction is allowed at the time that you create the CRT.  The amount of the deduction depends on factors such as your age, the payment percentage you select, and the applicable federal rate.

The United Pentecostal Foundation can not only show you how a CRT might work for you, but can also establish and serve as trustee of your Charitable Remainder Trust.  The minimum amount required to establish a Charitable Trust with the Foundation is $25,000.

If you would like someone to contact you regarding establishing a Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRT), including documents necessary to establish a CRT, please email us by clicking on the following link