• Albert & Gayle Skaggs

    The United Pentecostal Church is blessed to have a person like Brother Drury directing our Stewardship Department. It was through him that we learned of the Donor Advised Fund in the Foundation. This is a fund whereby one can make a cash contribution of a desired amount. That contribution is placed in an investment fund directed by the Foundation.

  • Jack & Margaret Durr

    We have chosen to purchase a Charitable Gift Annuity with the United Pentecostal Foundation because it is a win/win proposition. You receive quarterly payments at a higher rate of return than the bank, with the payments partially tax-free. The tax deduction received when you purchase the Gift Annuity is a great blessing too.

  • Joanne Velie

    When I walked across the street to tell my nephew that I would provide the necessary funds to help complete their international adoption, I felt the Lord’s presence walking with me. Twenty-one years later, their little baby girl is now a beautiful, Apostolic lady filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus’ name.

  • Dusty, Deanna & Katelyn Young

    Our desire to participate in the United Pentecostal Foundation stemmed from our awareness of God’s blessings to our family and a desire to invest in something with a lasting impact. Being a middle-class family, we approached our lawyer about our wishes and soon realized the expense of establishing a Trust Fund was prohibitive for the amount of funds we had available.