Jack & Margaret Durr

We have chosen to purchase a Charitable Gift Annuity with the United Pentecostal Foundation because it is a win/win proposition. You receive quarterly payments at a higher rate of return than the bank, with the payments partially tax-free. The tax deduction received when you purchase the Gift Annuity is a great blessing too.

In the past we have purchased other Charitable Gift Annuities, but when the Foundation started offering them, there was no question—we would buy the next ones from the United Pentecostal Foundation. Why? Because at the end of our lives, the balance of each annuity goes to one of the ministries we love the most. We have chosen to leave our first annuity to our local assembly where we worship. We have asked that an endowment be set up in our name in the Foundation to give annual gifts to our local assembly until the Lord returns.

We plan to purchase more in the future because it is a great tool for a win/win situation in the stewardship of what God has trusted us with while here on earth. After all, it is His money; why not give it back to Him for His work when we are finished with it?

Jack & Margaret Durr 08/07/2009