Estate Plan & Design

Thoughtful stewardship planning includes Estate Planning and Design, a service that the Foundation provides at no charge. Going through this process helps Christians find Gods plan of stewardship for their Estates.

If you were planning to build a new house or business building it is unlikely that you would just start nailing boards together in random fashion.  More likely, you would consult with someone who knows your needs and can create a drawing that would fairly represent your desires.  This person is often an architect who is skilled at drawing blueprints.

Similarly, it can be extremely beneficial to discuss your needs and desires with someone who can help you think through your estate planning situation.  And, if that discussion can result in a blueprint that gives you a better understanding of your planning options then you are well on your way to estate design success.

The UPF has just such a service and we would like to make it available to you without cost or obligation.  In addition, if you already have an estate plan in place, this service can provide you with an excellent review opportunity...more

A first step is for you to download our free Guide to Planning Your Estate and the companion Confidential Estate Inventory e-booklets.  These will introduce you to our estate design service and allow you to better understand the estate design process.  Then, after reading these e-booklets, you can take advantage of the Personalized Estate Design service by returning the Inventory to the Foundation.