UCstreaming was incorporated in September of 2011 by David Plappert of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

David attended the First United Pentecostal Church of Oakdale, Minnesota, home of the Apostolic Bible Institute. Rev. Grant, President of A.B.I., talked with David about possible video streaming solutions for a member who was unable to attend church. Rev. Grant set a budget of $100 per month. David agreed that this was a very reasonable goal. After contacting over 50 possible providers, David found them lacking default features, or their solution was out of the church's budget. When approaching Rev. Grant with a minimum of 5 times the budget, he jokingly said to David, "Do you believe you can build a more affordable solution?" David responded by building UCstreaming, while in the 6th grade.

The first version of UCstreaming took about 6 months to build. Not only did it have all the features wanted, but cost less than the budget to maintain. Soon after that, a local research and development company, that holds major contracts with Fortune 100 Companies, got word of this system. They asked if they could use it. This company became the first paying user of UCstreaming.

Our efforts have been blessed by God over the years. Today, UCstreaming is a comprehensive solution churches can afford, starting at $25 per month.

  • God allows us to use 15,000 servers in 100 countries.
  • Our God-gifted engineers are often asked to speak at major IT conferences about UCstreaming's technologies.
  • Companies like Best Buy, and P.B.S., along with the United States government, have realized the power of this team and have utilized them.
  • LifeSprings, a venture capitalist wing of the Stewardship Department of the U.P.C.I., has put an investment into UCstreaming. UCstreaming pledges to donate 50% of our profit back to the U.P.C.I.

David Plappert moved to Chicago, Illinois in February of 2013 to marry the love of his life, Tiffany. There they attend the Henry Apostolic Tabernacle (U.P.C.I.), under Rev. Michael Morrison.