LifeSprings - Pentecostal Entrepreneur Group

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What is LifeSprings?

LifeSprings was formed by a group of business leaders for the purpose of creating new business ventures to help fund the ministries of the UPCI outside of present streams of income. These business ventures can be either an acquisition of an existing business or a new start-up business enterprise. LifeSprings is made up of individuals who are interested in helping create these new streams of income by offering their education, experience, expertise and connections to help others be successful. Examples of areas to help founders of new business ideas include:

  • Creation of Business Plan
  • Locate Funding
  • Apply for patents
  • Create franchise plans
  • Assist in acquisition of business for sale
  • Marketing plan

In return for this assistance from LifeSprings members, the Business is expected to give 50% of its profit, after paying back investment capital, to the United Pentecostal Foundation to fund areas of ministry as selected by the Business owner and/or its Board or Investors. These funds will be used to create gifting, endowments and scholarships for:

  • Missions
    • Global Missions
    • North American Missions
  • Education
    • Colleges owned and endorsed by UPCI
    • Scholarships to UPCI owned and endorsed schools
  • Humanitarian
    • Orphanages and Adoptions
    • Agrarian and Water Projects